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Holiday Hairstyle

The holidays - and all the sparkle and shimmer of the season - can inspire any woman to have fun with her hairstyle. Below is essential advice from the Regis Salons experts to help women select, create and maintain their holiday hairstyles.

Holiday Hairstyle for women

Find Your Holiday Hairstyle

According to Gordon Nelson, senior vice president of fashion, education and marketing of Regis Salons, when going for knockout holiday looks - remember less is more!

Choose a style that fits your personality and gives you versatile styling options. Ask your stylist for fun styling alternatives to take your look from work to play.

If you want to make a change, start subtly at first. You may not want to completely break out of your comfort zone with holiday get-togethers just around the corner.

Choose hair color and highlights in shades that work well with your skin tone and look natural on you. Hair color should complement a haircut, not distract from it.

If you change your hair color, consider updating or changing your makeup and lip color as well.

Select a style that will last. Your hair shouldn’t look good for just one night – it should look good all season long!

Before doing anything, get a consultation with your stylist.

Talk to Your Stylist

When preparing for the glitz and glamour of holiday parties, take your time. See your stylist before your holiday party schedule gets too hectic to make sure your hair is ready for the season ahead. The experts at Regis Salons suggest the following tips for getting the style you want:

The holidays can be hectic, so be sure to book your appointment well in advance.

Think of where you are progressing with your hair before you make a change. Do you want to grow it long or go short? Your stylist can help you get the look you eventually want.

Don’t consider a hairstyle you wouldn't be able to re-create at home. Watch your stylist at work. Take note of the steps she takes and the products she uses.

Write down questions and what you want before you go to the stylist, since you might forget something while in the salon. Tell your stylist what your lifestyle is like and the “feeling” you want to convey with your hair.

These are important factors your stylist will want to know when creating the right cut for you. Bring magazine images or photos that show the feel you want. Clarify! Sometimes what is long to you might not be long to your stylist.

Be flexible and let your stylist interpret the images you select. Work with your stylist to find a look that works with your features and lifestyle.

Maintain that Holiday Magic

Now that you've left the salon and you have a great look, what next? Holidays are frantic and it’s easy to forget the basics of maintaining a good hairstyle. Keep your holiday locks in style by following these simple guidelines:

Conditioner: Use an adequate amount. Hair can dry out from the excessive styling necessary to meet the holiday pampering demand, as well as from the cool, dry air. It’s also a great idea to use an intense conditioning treatment at least once a week during the winter.

Blow-drying: Dry hair as much as possible before you actually style it. Put most of your styling effort into the last two minutes of the drying. This is when the magic happens.

Product: Always apply product when your hair is almost dry. Product serves as an accent to a good cut. If you put it in when it’s wet, you’re just combing or brushing it to the ends where it does no good. Each hair product serves a different purpose.

Make sure you learn from your stylist what works best for your style. Your stylist knows what products work best for your hair type. Buy what they use and recommend!

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The holidays and all the sparkle and shimmer of the season can inspire any woman to have fun with her hairstyle. A little black dress, sexy heels, accessories that glimmer and a stylish handbag are just what a woman needs to shine at the next holiday bash. Top it all off with the perfect hairstyle and you've got a look that’s simply stunning!

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