Thursday, July 18, 2013

Elegant French Twist Updo Hair Style for Women

Do you love French twist hairstyle? A French twist is an easy formal style or it can be a fun casual look. The French twist is a simple, elegant updo hair style with endless variations for flair and personalization. Knowing how to do a basic twist will help you create sophisticated styles for any event.

Many women wear twists for formal events such as weddings, when each bridesmaid can have a similar twist regardless of her type or length of hair. It is also a favorite style for prom and other formal occasions.

French Twist looks intricate and ornate once they have been placed in the hair and woven into the styles and they can be used for day time styles for young girls and the French Twist methods are becoming increasingly popular through the methods that are used to create formal hairstyles within the hair.

Many people are unable to create these popular French twists though, as in the past these styles seemed archaic. Here are some of the ways that you can use to learn the techniques that are associated with French Twist.

classic French Twist Updo Hair Style image

The classic French Twist Updo HairStyle

Using the internet to learn how to French twist can be a great tool if you are able to teach yourself something from pictures or videos.

Having someone to practice on is often helpful, as well. It can be hard to practice French Twist on yourself and therefore having someone there to practice the techniques that are being learned can be the most effective way that you are able to absorb the information and practices the techniques that are associated with French Twist.

The best way to learn to French twist is to have someone teach you the methods that are associated with French Twist. Learning these methods from another person means that you can have hands on experience, as well as seeing and listening to the instructions that are available to choose from.

Steps on How to braid your hair in a ‘french twist’ style

  1. Fist of all Brush your hair so it’s all on one side and use grips at the back to hold it in place.
  2. Then,Apply hairspray all over your hair.
  3. After than Wrap the hair around your thumb and twist it up into a cone shape, holding it secure with your other fingers.
  4. The next step is Use pins to slide in and around the twist so they point in towards the middle, to hold the hair in place.
  5. The last step:Use a bristle brush to neaten the style and use hairspray to hold the twist together.
Using these methods, you can begin to learn the techniques that are associated with French Twist and you can begin to practice and even develop fancy Updo hairstyles that can be created with these French Twist techniques.

Once you learn to twist your own hair, you may find it convenient for everyday wear, especially if you need to keep your hair under control and out of the way.

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