Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Homecoming Hairstyles for Curly Hair

After a lifetime of fighting with their natural curls, curly girls everywhere have made a turn and have started to embrace their curls instead of continuing the battle.

Thanks to a big curl comeback on fashion runways and the red carpet events of Hollywood, we now have more homecoming hairstyle tips and products for curly girls than ever before!

Big, curly hair can look messy and dry or strikingly beautiful as a homecoming hairstyle! The key is in knowing how to manage your type of hair as not all curly hair is the same. There are plenty of good curly hair products on the market to help but you need to identify your hair type before you can give it what it needs.

Curly hair is naturally dry and need lots of moisture and deep conditioning treatments to give it shine and definition. A seasoned hairdresser is your best bet for helping you to determine the best curly hair products for your hair type.

The trend with curls now is ‘big and undefined,” says Ouidad, who in the industry is known as the Queen of Curls. She also says, curly girls have an advantage for another hot trend for homecoming accessories.
Cute Homecoming Hairstyles - Oidad

Homecoming Hairstyles Hairstyling Tips - Drying Curly Hair

The Right Tools
  • Hair dryer - A hair dryer with 1400 watts is a good choice. You don’t want to blow the curl out of your hair.
  • Diffuser - A diffuser will allow you to use a hair dryer without creating a frizzy mess. It disperses heat over a larger area to set in the curl rather than blow out the curl.
The Right Hair Care Products
  • Conditioner - a moisturizing conditioner like Ouidad Moisturizing Conditioner
  • Gel - to define curls,Ouidad Heat and Humidity Gel
  • Finishing spray - Ouidad Styling Mist and Holding Spray
The Right Finish
  • Pomade - rub a pea size drop between palms and distribute though the hair, this will break up any crunchiness. For more volume, flip upside down and dry with hair dryer and diffuser, in a circular motion at roots only.
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