Saturday, May 4, 2013

Chelsea Clintons Wedding Hair, Simply Perfect

Clinton’s long layered hairstyle wrapped up seamlessly!
Chelsea Clinton Hairstyle
Chelsea’s hair simply beautiful!

Chelsea’s Wedding Hair Choice Shows the Dress

Chelsea Clinton’s wedding hair choice of a very simple, natural, swept back updo, was perfect for her dress and the occasion. Seasoned hairdressers know that an elegant, simplistic hairdo is the best accompaniment for showing off a beautiful dress.

How Chelsea Clinton’s Natural Curl Get’s Smoothed

So Chelsea and her hairdresser came up with just the right wedding hair style in my opinion, to not only show off that gorgeous dress, but also to work with her naturally curly, Taylor Swift hair type.

After all, it was a warm summer July night and all you curly hair girls know that with natural curly hair a good hair day can turn into a bad hair day pronto! What did Chelsea’s hairdresser do to keep her hair so smooth for the entire wedding?

I can only speculate as Chelsea has been good at avoiding the media and I haven’t seen anything released to date on how she has been smoothing her curls. But, because of her strong natural, unruly curl, my guess is she has had a Brazilian blowout treatment. Brazilian blowout treatments are a great way to soften curls which then can be smoothed out with a flat-iron, big rod curling iron or rollers.

This straightening treatment has caught on big time as it’s had great results in keeping the integrity of the hair. Long layered haircuts like Chelsea Clinton’s, have the ability to be styled a variety of ways, especially when straightened. Chelsea also has tasteful highlights that added dimension and depth to her hair.

My hat’s off to Chelsea and Marc for having pulled off the “wedding of the century,” keeping paparazzi and media at bay and seemingly having it fit their wedding day desires. It seems extraordinary on how they managed to keep the ceremony so private.  It’s been reported that even with a guest list of over 400, there were no leaks from family or guests on details to the press...amazing.

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